I wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with Bob's inspection and would recommend him to anyone.  He was extremely thorough, which was very helpful in our decision to terminate the agreement.  The "clincher" for us was the safety/fire hazards he was able to locate.  Buying a fixer-upper, with lots of work would not have been a problem.  Buying a house that has a danger of fire and/or electrical shock, really made our decision easy, especially with three kids. Bob was able to locate issues that I never would have seen:  open/hot wires, wood destroying organisms, mold, asbestos, wood-eating ants, rotting subflooring and numerous structural defects in the house.  With a purchase this large, I am so glad that we had him do the inspection.  His thorough attention to detail was very much appreciated.

Thank you very much for sending me this information. Your work was very thorough and hopefully will be helpful in trying to resolve the septic and electrical problems. I hope the radon test will be ok. I greatly appreciate both you and your wife's help in getting through this part of the contract. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who is looking for a home inspector. In addition, if I am not able to purchase this home, I'll probably need you again. Once again, thank you for your services.

Thank you for the attached copy of the home inspection that you performed on Sunday. I want to thank you for your attention to detail in the inspection and providing me with such a wonderful overview. Your attention to detail assures both Jennifer and I that we will be safe in our new home. It is nice to know that such wonderful service is available from such friendly people. We can sleep soundly now knowing that the boys will be safe in their new home after the work is completed.  Again thank you for taking the time to explain what you found both on Sunday and in your report.